You Never Know

I was out doing some errands the other day and I had to make a few stops. The first stop was to Home depot to get a part to fix my toilet. It’s one of those seals that is on the bottom of the toilet that goes between the toilet and the floor. The next stop was going to be the grocery store and then go back home but it didn’t happen that way. I came out of home depot and got into my car like I always do and #@^%^#% it wouldn’t start! What the hell? So I looked under the hood of the car and couldn’t see anything wrong so I ended up calling a tow truck to help me. I have a friend that told me about Able Wrecker service. I called them and they said they would send someone right out to help me. They got there about 10 minutes later. They checked out my car and said my battery was old and worn out and I needed a new one. They gave me a jumpstart and I drove it to the autoparts store to get a new one. These tow truck guys were super nice so I thought I would mention them here.