Trimming Trees Can Be Tough

We we’re trying to trim the trees around the backyard up against the house and my husband is completely clumsy when it comes to stuff like this. He knows all about arrow dynamics but is a complete idiot when it comes to anything to do with a ladder. One time he was fixing some shingles and nearly fell off the roof and almost broke his neck. Today he was up on a ladder trimming the tree that’s right off the back porch, and he cut off the biggest tree branch he could find and it was leaning on the roof, well it got a little hung up on the roof and started to swing back at him. I don’t know how he did it but it came swinging sideways, not the end with the leaves but the end he had just cut, and it came within 2 inches of knocking him right off the ladder! I was so scared. I told him to get down and for heaven’s sak call a professional tree service. Or maybe for hells sak I don’t know Lol.

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